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1 Bernhard Kramer (Ed.) Advances in Solid State Physics Volume 45 , Volume 46, Volume 47, Volume 48
2 Charles Kittel Introduction to Solid State Physics 7th Ed.
3 Rudolf P. Huebener Conductors,Semiconductors,Superconductors: An Introduction to Solid State Physics
4 Charles Kittel Introduction to Solid State Physics 8th Ed. solution manual
5 John J. Quinn and Kyung-Soo Yi Solid State Physics Principles and Modern Applications
6 Chetan Nayak Solid State Physics
7 Laszlo Mihaly and Michael C. Martin SOLID STATE PHYSICS Problems and Solutions
8 Yuri M. Galperin Introduction to Modern Solid State Physics
 9  Kleinert H.  Gauge Fields in Condensed Matter- Vol 1, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4
 10  Pethick C. J. & Smith H. Bose-Einstein Condesation in dilute gases
 11  Altland, Simons  Concepts of theoretical solid state physics
 12  Dresse, Gruner  Electrodynamics of Solids
13 Singh Electronic and Optoeeletronic properties of semiconductor structures
14 Neto Elementary Condensed Matter Phyiscs
15 Bellan P.M Fundamentals of Plasma Physics
16 Galperin Y. Introduction to modern solid state Physics
17 Fitzpatrick Introduction to plasma Physics graduate level course
18 Mahan G.D. Many Particle Physics 2nd ED
19 Niels W. Particle and nuclear Physics
20 Fujita S., Godoy S. Quantum statistical theory of superconductivity
21 Neamen J. Semiconductor Physics and Devices 3rd Ed.
22 Korvink J. G. & Greiner A. Semiconductor for Micro and nanotechnology an introduction for engineers
23 Ashcroft, Neil W. Mermin, David N Solid state Physics
24 Mihaly L. Martin M.C. Solid state Physics problems and solutions
25 Eliezer The Fourth State of matter. An introduction to plasma Science
26 Mulders The structure of Matter
27 Hirth J. and Lothe J. Theory of Dislocations 2nd Ed.

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