Relativity theory

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 2  General Relativity, (Lecturer notes)
 3  Wald R.  General relativity,204,203,200_.jpgReview; “Wald’s book is clearly the first textbook on general relativity with a totally modern point of view; and it succeeds very well where others are only partially successful. The book includes full discussions of many problems of current interest which are not treated in any extant book, and all these matters are considered with perception and understanding.”—S. Chandrasekhar”A tour de force: lucid, straightforward, mathematically rigorous, exacting in the analysis of the theory in its physical aspect.”—L. P. Hughston, Times Higher Education Supplement”Truly excellent. . . . A sophisticated text of manageable size that will probably be read by every student of relativity, astrophysics, and field theory for years to come.”—James W. York, Physics
 4  Peter G. Bergmann  Introduction to the theory of Relativity
 5  Wald R.M.  Teaching General relativity
6 John Dirk Walecka

Introduction to General Relativity,204,203,200_.jpgReview;

A working knowledge of Einstein’s theory of general relativity is an essential tool for every physicist today. This self-contained book is an introductory text on the subject aimed at first-year graduate students, or advanced undergraduates, in physics that assumes only a basic understanding of classical Lagrangian mechanics. The mechanics problem of a point mass constrained to move without friction on a two-dimensional surface of arbitrary shape serves as a paradigm for the development of the mathematics and physics of general relativity. After reviewing special relativity, the basic principles of general relativity are presented, and the most important applications are discussed. The final special topics section guides the reader through a

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