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1 Gbur G. Mathematical methods for Optical Physics and engineering,204,203,200_.jpgReview; The first textbook on mathematical methods focusing on techniques for optical science and engineering. Ideal for upper division undergraduates and graduates. Strong emphasis is placed on connecting mathematical concepts to optical systems. Essay problems based on research publications and numerous exercises strengthen the connection between the theory and its applications.
2 B. Siddalingappa  Engineering physics;
3 Matias Sosa, Julian Franco Engineering Physics and Mechanics: Analyses, Prediction and Applications (Engineering Tools, Techniques and Tables),204,203,200_.jpgReview;
4 Dr. Matt Young Optics and Lasers: An Engineering Physics Approach
5 Uma Mukherji Engineering Physics; Meeting the need for a text that explores physics with an emphasis on practical application, Engineering Physics covers basic and advanced principles for undergraduate engineering, physics, and science students. Part 1 discusses fundamental theories such as crystallography and crystal imperfection, thermoelectricity, thermionic-emission, ultrasonic waves, acoustics, and semiconductors. Part 2 covers advanced topics such as thin film interference and diffraction, x-rays, motion of the charged particle in electric and magnetic fields, quantum physics and Schr?dinger wave equation, lasers, holography, fiber optics, radioactivity, and superconductivity. The author explains the technical aspects, applications, fundamental principles, and mechanisms
6 Amyx, Bass, Whiting Petroleum Reservoir Engineering Physical Properties
 7 Jia-Lu Zhang, Yung-Kuo Lim, You-Yuan Zhou, Shi-Ling Zhang, Chung-Kuo K’O Hsueh Chi Shu Ta Hsueh Physics Coaching Class Physics for scientists and engineers
8 Jia-Lu Zhang, Yung-Kuo Lim, You-Yuan Zhou, Shi-Ling Zhang, Chung-Kuo K’O Hsueh Chi Shu Ta Hsueh Physics Coaching Class

Problems and Solutions on Optics: Major American Universities Ph. D. Qualifying Questions and Solutions;
 9  Z P Bažant; F -J Ulm;Hamlin Jennings;Roland Pellenq  Mechanics and physics of creep, shrinkage, and durability of concrete : a tribute to Zdenek P. Bažant : proceedings of the Ninth International Conference on Creep, Shrinkage, and Durability Mechanics (CONCREEP-9), September 22-25, 2013 Cambridge, Massach









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