Atmospheric and Environmental Physics

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1  Smith C.  Environmental Physics; Many controversial environmental issues revolve around complex scientific arguments, which can be better understood with a grasp of the key scientific concepts. Environmental Physics provides an introduction to the physical principles that underlie environmental issues and shows how they contribute to the interdisciplinary field of environmental science as a whole. * The forces of nature – Newtonian mechanics, gravity, rotational dynamics and angular momentum, waves and electro-magnetism * Energy – efficiency and entropy, mechanical work, electrical energy, renewable energy, energy use in transport and energy in the biosphere * Heat and Radiation- transmission of heat, engines and thermal power production, radiation, the electromagnetic
2 Singh Y. K. Environmental Physics;
3 Singh Y. K. Enviromental Physics
4  Ph.D. Kyle Forinash Ph.D  Foundations of Enviromental Physics:Understanding Energy use and Human Impacts,204,203,200_.jpgReview; Foundations of Environmental Physics is designed to focus students on the current energy and environmental problems facing society, and to give them the critical thinking and computational skills needed to sort out potential solutions. From its pedagogical approach, students learn that a simple calculation based on first principles can often reveal the plausibility (or implausibility) of a proposed solution or new technology. Throughout its chapters, the text asks students to apply key concepts to current data (which they are required to locate using the Internet and other sources) to get a clearer picture of the most pressing issues in environmental science. The text begins by exploring how changes in world population impact all aspects
4 M. Dželalija Enviromental Physics
5 David G. Andrews Atmospheric Physics
6 C. J. Cheng Physics of Solar energy

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