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1 D. M. Kaplan, C. G. White Hands on Electronics: A practical Introduction to Analog and digital Circuits,204,203,200_.jpgReview; Packed full of real circuits to build and test, Hands-on Electronics is an unique introduction to analog and digital electronics theory and practice. Ideal for teaching and self-study, the book’s friendly style, clear illustrations and construction details encourage rapid and effective learning of analog and digital circuit design theory. All the major topics are covered including RC circuits, diodes, transistors, op-amps, oscillators, TTL logic, counters, D/A converters and more. It explains how to use the equipment needed for the examples (oscilloscope, multimeter and breadboard) together with pin-out diagrams and manufacturers’ specifications for all the key components referred to in the book.

2  Heribert Vollmer  Introduction to circuit complexity: A uniform Approach; An advanced textbook giving a broad, modern view of the computational complexity theory of boolean circuits, with extensive references, for theoretical computer scientists and mathematicians.
 3  Jim Williams  The Art and Science of Analog Circuit Design (EDN Series for Design Engineers),204,203,200_.jpgReview; In this companion text to Analog Circuit Design: Art, Science, and Personalities, seventeen contributors present more tutorial, historical, and editorial viewpoints on subjects related to analog circuit design. By presenting divergent methods and views of people who have achieved some measure of success in their field, the book encourages readers to develop their own approach to design. In addition, the essays and anecdotes give some constructive guidance in areas not usually covered in engineering courses, such as marketing and career development. *Includes visualizing operation of analog circuits*Describes troubleshooting for optimum circuit performance*Demonstrates how to produce a saleable product.

4  Wai-Kai Chen  Analog Circuits and devices,204,203,200_.jpgReview; The Principles and Application in Engineering Series is a new series of convenient, economical references sharply focused on particular engineering topics and subspecialties. Each volume in this series comprises chapters carefully selected from CRC’s bestselling handbooks, logically organized for optimum convenience, and thoughtfully priced to fit every budget. Extracted from the best-selling VLSI Handbook, Analog Circuits and Devices provides a comprehensive resource covering the spectrum of devices and their models. In addition to practical discussions on amplifiers, circuits and filters, and compound semiconductor digital integrated circuit technology, it also includes chapters on design automation, design languages, and algorithms and architectures.
5 Pimenta et al  A Successive Approximation ADC using PWM Technique for Bio-Medical Applications 
6 F.  M Al-Naima & B. Z Al-Jewad
Fault Diagnosis in Analog Circuits via Symbolic Analysis Techniques
7 T.  Golonek and J. Piotr Memetic Method for Passive Filters Design


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