My name is Kamweru P.K. a Physics Lecturer from Kenya. I hold a Doctorate of Natural Sciences (Biophysics) and a Masters degree in Physics (Condensed Matter Physics).

During my interactions with my Physics students, i always came across students who find it challenging to gather helpful Physics resources.  These resources although readily available, more often than not they are overshadowed by the less useful ones.

The main purpose of this blog is two pronged,  (i) to share Physics resources that will aid in the Physics learning process, and (ii) aid those who choose to read and interact with Physics for fun or for any other reason. In other words, link the resources to as many readers as possible, and hence the blog title ‘myphysicslink’.

If you are interested to have a look of my scientific research interests and publications, visit  here and/or here.

You can reach me via the form below.  You could also leave a comment regarding the contents of any page on this blog, in the comment space provided at the bottom of every page.

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